The Grumpy Merino

The Grumpy Merino 8ply Yarn


The Grumpy Merino yarn is 100% traceable to their Hogget Fleece and is produced in Christchurch, New Zealand. The natural white, undyed yarn has been shorn, scoured (washed) and produced into 50g balls of 8ply yarn.

The Grumpy Merino is a family owned and operated business in Culverden, North Canterbury. The Grampians has been in Jono's family since 1973.  Jono is the third generation to farm the property, with Hank, Greta & Alba following close behind.  

The Grampians is a hill and high country property. They run a blend of Angus cattle and Merino sheep.  Every year their 5500 sheep are shorn at home, with their wool pressed tightly into 180kg bales. Next, they are carefully transported and tested for strength, softness, quality and colour in Christchurch.  

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