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      Unravelled Uno
      10-ply 50g/125m
      Unravelled Due
      4-ply 50g/150m
      Unravelled Tre
      5-ply 50g/140m
      Unravelled Oi
      8-ply 50g/112m
      Unravelled Koshie Silk/Cotton
      4-ply 50g/120m
      Rosarios 4 For Nature Organic Cotton
      8-ply 50g/150m
      Zauberball Crazy Sock
      4-ply 100g/420m
      Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok
      10-ply 50g/112m
      Woolstok Light
      4-ply 50g/200m
      Inca Spun Alpaca Worsted Tweed
      10-ply 50g/100m
      DMC 100% Baby Cotton
      8-ply 50g/106m
      Alpaca Brushed
      14-ply 50g/100m
      Rowan Kidsilk Haze
      3-ply 25g/210m
      Rowan Summerlite DK Cotton
      8-ply 50g/130m
      Alpaca Easy Wash
      8-ply 50g/112m
      Luxurious Linen
      4-ply 50g/166m
      Rowan Tweed Haze
      12-ply 50g/120m
      Koigu Hand-Dyed Merino 2024
      4-ply 50g/160m
      Regular price $27.00 Sale price$23.00 Save $4.00
      Zauberball® Stärke 6
      4-ply 150g/400m
      DMC Cotton Natura XL
      Bulky 100g/75m
      Regular price $18.00 Sale price$12.00 Save $6.00
      Sox Easy Wash Alpaca Sock
      4-ply 100g/387m
      Easy Wash Tweedie Sox Yarn
      Alpaca Yarns
      Halo Brushed
      14-ply 50g/112m
      Regular price $18.00 Sale price$12.00 Save $6.00
      Prosper Chuffed Merino Linen
      4-ply 100g/366m
      from $43.00
      Rowan Kidsilk Haze Colour
      3-ply 50g/420m
      Prosper Beaut Merino
      4-ply 100g/366m
      Regular price $43.00 Sale price$34.00 Save $9.00
      Inca Spun Heritage Sock
      4-ply 175m/50g
      Zauberball Crazy Cotton
      8-ply 100g/210m
      Regular price $29.00 Sale price$12.00 Save $17.00

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