Cotton Yarn

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      Rosarios 4 For Nature Organic Cotton
      8-ply 50g/150m
      Sold Out
      Unravelled Earth Cotton Worsted
      8 to 10-ply 100g/150m
      Regular price $14.00 Sale price$7.00 Save $7.00
      Unravelled Koshie Silk/Cotton
      4-ply 50g/120m
      Rowan Summerlite DK Cotton
      8-ply 50g/130m
      Unravelled Tre
      5-ply 50g/140m
      Blackberry Wash Cloth 3-pack
      Easy Knitting Kit
      from $66.00
      The Rustic Cloth Holiday Pack
      Easy Knitting Kit
      from $44.00
      The Bach Organic Cotton Hand Towel
      Easy Knitting Kit
      from $55.00
      Rosarios Lar Doce Lar 10ply Cotton Yarn
      10-ply 200g/230m
      Basket Weave Bag & Wash Cloth Combo
      Easy Knitting Kit
      from $84.00
      Ripple Wash Cloth 4-pack
      Beginner Knitting Kit
      from $66.00
      DMC Natura Just Cotton
      4-ply 50gm/155m
      Regular price $17.00 Sale price$8.00 Save $9.00
      Outline Tee
      Intermediate Knitting Kit
      from $145.00
      Unravelled Smooch Alpaca/Cotton
      8-ply 50g/110m
      Regular price $12.00 Sale price$6.00 Save $6.00
      Drop Loop Singlet
      Advanced Knitting Kit
      from $78.00
      DMC Angel Bamboo
      8-ply 50g/95m
      Regular price $14.00 Sale price$7.00 Save $7.00
      Spud & Chloë Outer Bulky Yarn
      Spud & Chloë
      Regular price $41.00 Sale price$14.00 Save $27.00
      Organic Cotton Worsted
      10-ply 100g/137m
      Regular price $33.00 Sale price$16.00 Save $17.00
      Organic Cotton Skinny
      4-ply 65g/137m
      Regular price $33.00 Sale price$17.00 Save $16.00

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