About Us

In response to the changes around us, creative duo Jayne and Sheryl have created Unravelled.

When life unravels us, we go back to the start - to a simpler version, back to old traditions like home crafts and cooking, caring and creating. We learn from those who have gone before and develop new skills and ways of being. We weave new meaning into the stillness and uncertainty, and find our own thread to follow that brings us back home.

Jayne used knitting to do just this at a painful time of her life, spending four months in hospital at a time of physical and emotional turmoil. Knitting is what got her through. One stitch after another. Then rows, then whole blankets. Knitting created a space for her to recreate herself and forge connections with others.

Like Jayne, Sheryl’s creativity has spanned a lifetime. Her happiest moments as a child were ones in which she created with her hands and she learnt to knit at about 7 years old. Sheryl remembers her first project of french knitting around four nails in a cotton reel, quickly graduating to a hot water bottle cover.

In times of struggle and uncertainty finding things that bring us a sense of joy, competence and fulfilment is proven to promote resilience. Through achieving meaningful small things we are reminded that we can do hard things. We can breathe, pause, reflect and come back home to our resources within.