A Lifelong and Timeless Christmas Gift

A Lifelong and Timeless Christmas Gift

As Christmas time gets near, the pedantic feeling of getting organised starts to rush over us all. 

We’ve got family to arrange, feasts to prepare, decorations to hang and the grand almighty task of coordinating all this amazingness to happen smoothly on one single day. 

If it wasn’t already enough of a task to take on, we’ve also got to find presents for everyone! 

Every year you set out to search for thoughtful gifts and yet you have another Christmas of underwhelmed reactions and fake smiles when they open their presents. We feel you! 

Christmas shopping can be difficult. You often don’t know what to get so you put it off right to the last minute. But how many packs of underwear and perfume sets can your family and friends take?!

So what gift could you get them that is amazing, unique, timeless and something they can take with them for the rest of their life? Knitting of course!

But it’s too difficult of a present to give to someone… Not anymore it’s not. In this day and age we have an abundance of tutorial videos, online communities and products made specifically for complete newbie knitters to set them off on their journey. It's now easier than ever to learn the craft.

But it seems boring to most people… It can seem boring to the uninformed person, but almost anyone would be stunned at how the wonderful world of knitting has developed over recent years. All you need to do is show them some of the cool trends, creations and communities online to open their eyes up to how hip knitting has become. Once they see all the excitement they’ll be hooked and itching to be a part of it!

It’s only for a niche group of mature people… At one point in time it was, but now knitting is being mass adopted by all kinds of people all over the world! Just look at Olympian Tom Daley, he knitted up an amazing sweatshirt on worldwide live TV then went on to win a gold medal. Knitting is the last thing you’d expect an athlete to be doing at the Olympics!

Not everyone likes to wear knitted clothes… Very true, but every knitter knows that knitting is about so much more than just making stuff. We knit to relax, relive stress, be creative and we find some peace in the craft. Studies have shown that knitting does wonders for mental health and that’s an invaluable gift you could give someone for Christmas. 

So whoever it’s for, the gift of knitting is never a bad choice. They might fall in love with it straight away, or they might only give it a go to then pick it up at a later time in their life. Either way, it’s a thoughtful and timeless gift to have under the Christmas tree for anyone. 

If you’ve got someone in the family or a friend who’s never knitted before, we have the perfect ‘newbie’ Christmas gift set here.

Maybe you know someone with a bit of experience that needs a simple and amazing new project to keep them going. These are the 'cruisey' Christmas gift sets for them.

Have a someone close to you who’s an expert and 'adventurous' knitter? They’ll really appreciate one of these Christmas gift sets. 

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