The Elah Cardigan by Isabell Kraemer 03

The Elah Cardigan by Isabell Kraemer 03

Progress has been a little slow on the Elah Cardigan project BUT I'm purposely not rushing it because I'm loving it so much! The design, the texture, the yarn - all sublime. 

I've now joined the two fronts to the back and am knitting as one piece back and forth - I found this part nice and easy, particularly loving how the front bands are knitted as you go.

I've now also joined the underarms. I must admit on reading the pattern for this section I was a bit overwhelmed but as is often the case with knitting, the best plan is just to launch into it. As I followed each stitch of the pattern for joining the underarms it all began to make sense and worked out well.

I'm working the lace sections off the charts in the pattern - I find that easiest, if you haven't attempted charts yet you should, I think the brain registers the pattern quicker this way. Here's how it's looking...

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