German Short Rows

German Short Rows

The reason we do German Short Rows is so that the neckline at the back of a sweater is higher than the neckline at the front.

The first time you attempt German Short Rows together with Raglan Increases can be a bit daunting. Initially, I gave up several times but one day decided to just do it. In the end, it wasn't as hard as I first thought! It is a bit to think about for the first few rounds of knitting a top down sweater but once you have that over and done with, the rest is easy.

In the video below I show you how to do the raglan increase and the turn for the German Short Rows on the right side of our work for a top down sweater such as the In the Clouds.

The 'turn' part of the short rows is the important step and is done in a way that reduces the risk of having a hole in your work.

Following on from the above video we have turned our work and are now on the purl side. We commence raglan increases etc on this side, these are shown in the video below.

German short rows are normally done for a few back and forth rows and then we just continue on in the round.

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