How to divide for sleeves on a raglan sweater

How to divide for sleeves on a raglan sweater

So you've reached the divide for sleeves part of your pattern! This is always a good feeling because the rest is plain sailing and you can now take off a good number of stitches, continuing on with just the body stitches. 

In the video below I take our sleeve stitches off using a tapestry needle and some 'waste' or spare yarn. Then I just tie the waste yarn loosely in a bow so that there is no chance of losing any stitches.

If you have to cast-on any under arm stitches I do this by turning my work to the purl side and then, using the cable cast on method to add the extra stitches, turn back to the right side and continue knitting.

Depending on the 'looseness' of your fabric you can sometimes end up with a gap in your underarm stitches - it's a bit unavoidable but in the next blog post I show you how I try to improve that.

The sweater that I am knitting in the video is the Luna Sweater which is a linen blend yarn that we knit double stranded for this pattern. It's quite an open weave - perfect for spring/summer. 



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