Knitting for Mental Health

Stuck indoors with not much to do? It’s easy to start feeling a little hopeless during Covid-19 lockdowns.
Especially when the news and social media fills us all with unneeded anxiety. 
But luckily even in times like these, we tend to believe there’s always a bright shining light at the end of the tunnel.
Or should we say, bright shining ball of yarn 😉
Did you know, knitting actually has a tonne of physical and mental health benefits that can help you get through lockdown?
It’s been proven to:
  • Relax you by lowering your heart rate 
  • Reduce anxiety by keeping you focused on the present moment
  • And even slow the onset of dementia by keeping your mind active.
If knitting were a vegetable they’d be calling it a super-food and all the health nuts would be making it their daily diet!
That being said, we can all make knitting a part of our daily diet during lockdown.
We find it’s the only thing that keeps us sane in these weird times!

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