Making Pompoms for the Theodore Beanie

Making Pompoms for the Theodore Beanie

The Theodore vest and beanie are so sweet. What we love most is the twin pompom detail to finish. Here's a quick video to help you use the pompom maker provided in your knit kit.


1. Unlatch each ring of the pompom maker by lifting the white latch outwards

2. Fold out each ring so it's flat and creates two arches

3. Match up the bumps on one side to the holes on the other

4. Wind your yarn around each arch until the centre is full

5. Fold back together creating a circle and close the white latch on each end

6. Cut around the outside of the ring through the loops of yarn

7. Take a length of yarn and slide it through the gap between the two rings to tie your pompom together firmly (leave enough to sew your pompom onto the beanie!)

8. Pull pompom maker out each side, trim to neaten and you have yourself a very cute pompom!


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