The Elah Cardigan by Isabell Kraemer 02

The Elah Cardigan by Isabell Kraemer 02

I'm on to the 2nd front now - yay! Loving that the lace work is relatively easy and is not across a huge number of stitches so feels very manageable. I've just completed the 2nd set of German Short Rows (these are a nifty way of adding extra length where needed on just one section of your garment such as neck or shoulder height) now too. I know that alot of knitters are quite intimidated by these but I've found after doing a couple of Isabell Kraemer patterns they are really simple. I've created a video below that shows the DS (double stitch) which is the basis of the German Short Rows after you 'turn'. 

A customer asked about linking to the needles required. As you can see I have started on straight needles, 4.5mm which are here. But you don't have to, I've only done that so that I can see the lace work easier and understand what I am doing. I will switch to circulars when I join the back to the two fronts. Because I am knitting in our Unravelled Quattro yarn which is a bit finer that the pattern recommends I have dropped a needle size to 4.5mm with 4mm for trims. Here are the respective links for interchangeable circulars and cables.

Here is the link to the kit >>

Here's how it's looking, especially love the slip stitch edge and the fact that the collar rib is part of the garment - no picking up stitches later!

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