The Elah Cardigan by Isabell Kraemer 01

The Elah Cardigan by Isabell Kraemer 01

We had this gorgeous cardigan knitted up recently by one of our fab knitters in the beautiful Unravelled Quattro yarn and I loved it so much that I also wanted to knit it. Because it's more of an Intermediate/Advanced project I decided to a series of blog posts about it as I go and give any other knitters out there the opportunity to join in - almost like a KAL (knit along) I guess. 


Unravelled Quattro Yarn is a light worsted yarn so I have dropped a needle size and knitting a larger size than I would normally choose - using 4.5mm needles for the body, knitting size 4. The yarn is beautiful pure luxury as it's 75% Alpaca and 25% Silk. It's also 100% organic and undyed!


Here is a link to the kit should you wish to purchase the same as what I am knitting. Elah Cardigan Knit Kit >>


As you can see I have cast on using straight needles - I just found this easier to start with and to see the lace work more clearly. I will change to circular later on when all the pieces are joined together. The cast on method is provisional which is easy enough using a crochet hook but don't panic it's not actual crochet:

OR I cast mine on using cable cast on and then threaded a tapestry needle with a thicker, contrast colour, smooth-ish yarn and passed this through all the stitches on my needle so that I could pick them up later (similar to putting stitches on hold) - my method is easier but you need to pick them up more carefully to be sure that you have them all. I think a silicone stitch holder would be ideal for this.

Here's the designer's notes about the pattern:

Elah is worked seamlessly from the top down. Fronts are worked in lace pattern, while the back is worked in Stockinette stitch. Knitting starts with the provisional cast on of the shoulders for the fronts (you will first work the right front, then the left front). Once the short row shaped shoulder slope is done, the front is worked flat to underarm. Shoulder stitches are picked up from the provisional CO of both front shoulders to work the back to the same length. At underarm both fronts and back are joined to work the body top down back and forth to the bottom hem. As the front ribbing is built in, there is no finishing required. Sleeve stitches are picked up around the arm openings to work the sleeves in Stockinette stitch top down in rounds to the cuffs.


I'm finding the lace work easy - it's just a series of yarn overs, ssk, k2tog and sk2p. I'm using the chart to follow as I find the visual easier but it is also all written out in the pattern.

The pattern starts on the Right Front and you progress to a certain length then start the Left Front and get that to the same stage.

There are German Short Rows but these are very clearly explained and easy to follow. I'll do a video of that technique when I start the Left Front.

So whose keen to join??

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